On this page are only a few testimonials and what our clients say about their experiences. As you read and listen to these testimonials you will notice that you get a good feeling about the fantastic quality of service you will receive from Coaching with NLP. We believe that our success is based on the success of our clients. So please go ahead, watch and read what they have to say so that you can feel good about joining us at the next training or being one of our many coaching clients.

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The Coaching with NLP and Time Line Therapy training is the most powerful training that I have ever attended.  Wayne has the ability to “translate” abstract concepts to logical levels with ease.  The pace and structure at which the training is delivered, is brilliantly done.  Each step and technique is explored in detail, and tried & tested by us (the delegates), as we build on towards achieving the full picture, which incorporates all the various aspects of the training.

During the training a lot of interaction takes place with fellow delegates, and the manner in which Wayne arranges feedback, allows for constructive feedback in a positive light, for each and every one of us.  I am so incredibly glad I did this!  I had the most amazing team members and trainer, and although we worked hard, we also had loads of fun.

Felicity Irwin

I took some time in deciding which coaching course I wished to embark on and after doing extensive research on NLP as well as Wayne Farrell; it was clear to me that he would be a first class trainer and one I could hand my trust over to. Within the first minutes of the rigorous and intensive training programme, it was clear to me that this is Wayne’s purpose in life: to train highly skilled coaches with the aim of growing human potential. He is a leader, powerfully ethical, passionate and bright, has enormous clarity and vision, and is a born role model. The NLP course is designed to equip the potential coach with all the necessary skills and understanding while also allowing for the advancement of personal growth and healing. Wayne demands a high standard and if one is accountable and driven, the possibility of becoming an excellent coach is clear.

Take care, I will let you know when I launch my business.

Karen Brusch

I consider the coaching with NLP course to be a significant milestone in my life. I am truly grateful to Wayne Farrell. It has changed me for the better as a person and I observed this change occur in each and every person who attended the course.  I personally found Wayne to be a highly professional and competent trainer, with vast knowledge and a particular way to help his students attain higher standards of efficacy. I will definitely attend the master practitioner training next year and feel well equipped to begin my own business as a life coach and practitioner of NLP. The recent online platform is a wonderfully resourceful tool which will provide much post training support.

Lauren Siokos

After spending 15 years believing that I was in control, focussed and evolved, Wayne’s NLP course showed me that I had not even scratched the surface of possibilities. My reason for doing the course was twofold: -procrastination, and motivation….I needed to make a change in my life and my work, and to mobilise into action.

I have to say that I got a whole lot more than I bargained for. I experienced a real and important shift in my thinking and feeling about where I was in my life; I learnt about a whole new world of  communication and effectiveness, one which has always been there, but that I had never tapped into.

The course is intense and technical, but enlightening and extremely interesting. Once you start on this journey, you don’t want to stop. I am a sceptic, and have to admit that this experience has opened my mind and changed me forever. I am pleased that I did the preliminary work, and I recommend students to prepare, (Wayne equips you for this), as the course is accelerated and packed with information.

Thank you Wayne for being an interesting and most capable trainer and guide, shedding light on the compass that you helped us to find, and use. You have given me tools knowledge that are invaluable, in my life, in my work, and also in being able to share and add value to others.

I have been able to up my game, approach things in a more informed way, and start generating an income from newfound skills and knowledge almost immediately.

I highly recommend attending Wayne’s courses, and know that I will continue to learn and use the methodologies and techniques he so powerfully advocates.

Janine Dacon

Wayne has helped me develop into a focused individual. He’s always happy to help and you know anything shared between the two of you is kept confidential

James Brooksbank

Thanks so much for all the effort you put into the training, really appreciate it! One can clearly see that you are extremely passionate about what you do and were very well prepared every day.

Thank you for the NLP training. It was an absolute gift and an incredibly rewarding experience. I also met such incredible souls that made the training fun. The programme provided me with the basis to face my future head on. I am so looking forward to my journey and the new possibility it brings. I am going to be sending out a request for a complimentary session this week so that I could continue the practise.

Thank you once again.


Thank you so much for being so free with your knowledge and skills. Both courses were brilliant and really did make a difference to my life personally.


Wayne, thank you so much, for so much… For the way you presented the course, the material, books and audio, your belief in what you do, in yourself, and also in all of your students.
For keeping our tummies full; for knowing your material so well so that you make it easier for us, and for the knowledge and skills that has empowered me so much!!


Thank you. I would also like to thank you for an incredible course. It is definitely a life changing experience. I hope to continue learning and practice what you have taught and hope to be able to achieve the high and excellent standard you have set.
You are great as a facilitator, coach and a true leader


The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. Thank you for assisting me to bring out the leader in me!!! Thank you for helping me change what I am, for what I can become

R. Omar

I inquired about some life coaching sessions with Wayne as I had heard about life coaching, but didn’t know much about it. I have been really impressed with the results from the sessions after only 3 visits. I feel I am able to deal with lots of situations I would previously have found stressful, anxious and angry with ease. I have also increased my confidence. I have set some really exciting goals and am looking forward to achieving the. Wayne has been really inspirational and a great help and support for both work life and personal life

Andy Mckinlay

Dear Wayne,

I would just like to tell you how grateful I am that I was part of this course.  I learned a lot about myself when deciding to come and I learned even more by being here.  You have made all the difference.  It was amazing how time flew by every day.  You are the most important success element of this course.  I hope that I will be able to participate in your master course in December.  I think you are an amazing and a very inspiring “teacher”.  I hope I will be able to put to use all the wonderful things you have passed on.

Thank you,


Sapfo Paleologou