What to look for in a Life Coach

More people are starting to look to life coaches to assist them in getting from their current state to a more desired state. Clients are looking at life coaching as an alternative to going to other professions they may have gone to in the past. In fact, I have had a number of clients who have come to see me for depression, anxiety, PTSD and much more.

These particular problems are not ones that the average life coach would deal with. There certainly is a lot to be said, to talk to somebody who is not in your usual sphere of family and friends. Somebody who will not judge you. Somebody who will caringly hold you responsible so as to assist you in achieving your desired result.

There are so many people calling themselves coaches and they vary in degrees of both professionalism and quality. Be very wary of a coach who has a rigid coaching tool or model that thinks asking you a bunch of questions in a certain order will magically help you through your problems. Coaching models are simply a tool to assist the coaching process and not a rigid structure in exactly how to coach.

What to look for in a life coach

Consider what to look for in a life coach.

1. Find out where the coach has been trained and if they have any coaching credentials. After all, you take your car to a proper mechanic, so too should you speak to somebody who is actually capable of helping you with more serious personal issues. You want to be sure you are in good hands.

2. Find out what experience your coach may have. What type of clients have they worked with and what is their expertise. Some coaches will have specific niches that they work in. Without making any judgement about your coach, you may want to consider if they are an advert for what they are coaching. That is not to say that coaches are perfect. Far from it. After all they are only human and as such they also have coaches to assist them with their problems. I would suggest though that if I were to look for a weight loss coach that my coach would not be 200 pounds overweight.

3. Make sure that you and your coach are a good match. Personally I am very results focused and that may not be to everybody’s liking. Likewise, somebody who is looking for results will not benefit from a coach that is too soft on them.

4. Make sure you have an agreement about what the costs will be and an idea of how many sessions you may need. Some coaches’ charge by the hour and others may work on a packaged system by which you will get so many sessions for a set amount.

5. I appreciate we are all looking for a deal and a bargain, however be wary of somebody who seems to be too cheap. You don’t need to break the bank to see a coach, however don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Our rate is £100 per session, which is an hour long.

6. If you are working with a life coach, then you would probably only work with them for up to 6-12 weeks. It does very much depend on what you are working on. In business coaching you may be working with a coach for 3-12 months. Again depending on the project and what is involved.

Free coaching course.

We have created a free coaching course for you. This is a short course to give you some basic information about coaching. You may find it very useful to create your goals.

So in short, when looking for a life coach, do your homework and look for the best fit for you and be committed to working towards your goal.

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